Raymond Mari

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Education make a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave ~ Peter Brougham


To Agile or Not to Agile

Thinking must not be Agile but execution against the thought ~ Raymond Mari

Procrastination’s role in your failure

With procrastination, one is bound to be fruitless. Instead of the right time to arrive, there will be more to be done ~ Raymond Mari

Passion Driven Idea

Headfirst is the way to go, obstacles and challenges will only help polish a passion driven idea!

What do you ask?

Tell me what you need to get it done ? or How can you do it with what you don’t have?

How do you know you are?

So you say you are, is it because you know you are, you think you are or some say you are ? ~ Raymond Mari

Learning At Your Own Terms

“Whatever be the qualifications of your tutors, your improvement must chiefly depend on yourselves. They cannot think or labor for you, they can only put you in the best way of thinking and laboring for yourselves. If therefore you get knowledge, you must acquire it by your own industry” ~ Joseph Priestly

Life lesson of note

“Thereʼs so much I want to do … and so little time.” The story of modern life. Take a moment to consider how many things you want to learn how to do. Whatʼs on your list? Whatʼs holding you back from getting started? Two things, most likely: time and skill…. Josh Kaufman

Common Sense

“Why is there so often the need for an external trigger to help us realize something that we already knew intuitively?”

……………. Probably these intuitive conclusions are masked by something else, something that’s not common sense.” ~ EM Goldratt

Life is a series of coincidences

I have come to understand that life is composed of a series of coincidences. How we react to these – how we exercise what some refer to as free will – is everything; the choices we make within the boundaries of the twists of fate determine who we are ~ John Perkins


I do, you do, we do ~ Raymond Mari

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